How does BizTelNow Business Phone Service Work?

Learn what's special about our Business Phone Service and how it is different than traditional Business Phone Service

No limits

Forget about the days of worrying about call waiting and rollover lines. With BizTelNow, there is no limit to the amount of calls you may have at one time. You can have unlimited concurrent calls and callers will never hear a busy signal. Plus you can also forget about long distance charges, taxes and fees; you get unlimited calling for one low flat rate!

Save money

Your monthly phone bill will decrease significantly. Clients usually see at least 25-50% savings and in some cases, their new bill is a fraction of what their original bill was. If your business is "phone heavy", you will see a huge savings but even companies that are not heavily phone dependent, will still see a nice savings.

Advanced Business Features

Each phone is its own extension with its own settings & voicemail box. We also have automated voice menus, hunt groups, advanced call forwarding, custom hold music, call recording, voicemail to email, eFax, call center queues and more. Anything you could possibly want your phone system to do, can now be done!


You can take your phone to any location, connect it to the Internet and it will work just like it did in the office! Changing the locations of phones, moving to a new office, having employees work from home and taking your phone with you when you travel, are as simple as plug and play! Get freedom with your phone service!

How is BizTelNow Business Phone Service different than superior to regular Business Phone Service?

Traditional Business Phone Service

  1. The number of calls you may have at one time is restricted by the number of Lines you have. Rollover Lines must be purchased and installed, at extra cost, to allow more than one simultaneous call.

  2. Phones work on Lines and do not have their own independent identity. If you want to transfer a call, you have to put the call on hold and shout out to the other person telling them "Pick up line two! There is a call for you on line two."

  3. Traditional telephone infrastructure requires new installations to expand the system. And if advanced features are desired, a traditional PBX, at a cost of thousands of dollars, will need to be purchased.

  4. System is not robust and changes to the system or location of phones require a change in infrastructure. That means having the phone company or an IT company out to update your building's wiring to your new desired configuration...which also means extra costs. If you need to move to a new office, there will be significant costs to moving your phone system and phone numbers with certain prefixes can not be transferred.

  5. Traditional phone companies nickel and dime you to death. Any call outside of your area code is "long distance" and with all the taxes and fees, your phone bill becomes almost double what it started at.

BizTelNow Business Phone Service

  1. There is no need for Rollover Lines! You can have unlimited simultaneous calls and callers will NEVER get a busy signal.

  2. Each phone is an Extension which has its own independent identity (extension #), which can be called or have calls transferred to directly. Each phone also has its own voicemail box (with greeting) and configurable options such as Call Forwarding, Voicemail to Email & more.

  3. Phones run on Internet wires which are already installed in any modern-day building. Changes to the system such as adding phones or phone numbers, changing dial plans or any other setting does not require any change in the building's wiring and can be done immediately, at no cost.

  4. Phones can be moved to any location, by anyone! All that is required is an Internet connection. In fact, you can take your phone home with you or traveling and as long as you connect it to the Internet, it will work just like it does in the office! Your phone will ring when your business number is called and you can even transfer calls to other employees (whether their phone is still in the office, or anywhere else).

  5. With BizTelNow, you pay one low rate for unlimited calling to all of the United States & Canada. All taxes and fees are included. Your bill does not change from month to month so you know exactly what to expect.

How does BizTelNow’s Enhanced Business Phone Service actually work?

Business VoIP works different than traditional phone service and you might as well get acquainted with it because in the future, all phone is going to be Voice over IP. Reliability is the key that makes our service an enterprise grade service and to deliver reliable service, the elements that comprise the service must all function exceptionally. The below 3 elements are what comprise our Business VoIP Phone Service. Learn about how they work together and why our service is a cut above the rest.


This is the part of the equation where your phone numbers are connected to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). In Voice Over IP, phone numbers are referred to as DIDs or Direct Inward Dialing numbers. VoIP works different than traditional phone in that outgoing and incoming calls are separate. Instead of being restricted by the number of lines we have, as to how many calls we may make at one time, VoIP allows unlimited incoming and outgoing calls at one time; the only limit is how many calls you can physically handle. Trunking is what allows us to have phone numbers that can receive calls from any other phone. It also allows us to call out to other phone numbers on the PSTN. Our trunking is done by an industry leading company. These companies don't have household names but they are the ones behind the curtains of the AT&T and Time Warner's of the world. A rock solid Trunking provider is one of the building blocks to rock solid service.

Hosted PBX

This is the work horse of our phone service. A solid Hosted PBX, on a solid network means reliability that is unmatched. Here, the important factors are speed, platform and power. Our Hosted PBX's excel in all areas. Part of the reason we don't see problems that we have witnessed with other Hosted PBX systems, is the platform on which our systems run. Our platform is a state of the art masterpiece of reliability, function and speed. It has all of the latest and greatest features built in a way that just works. There are never any hiccups or mishaps; the system runs like it should every time. The other important elements are the backbone that this Hosted PBX runs on and the speed of the server. Our systems are high-powered dedicated servers on direct fiber Ethernet connections that have extremely high bandwidth pipes and total redundancy. This means that it is literally impossible for them to ever get slow or have down time.

IP Phones

Each phone has its own extension. Extension numbers are usually sequential, making it easier for your business to communicate internally. Let's say you have 5 phones in your office. Your extensions are 101, 102, 103, 104 and 105. Each extension is an account that registers to our Hosted PBX. You can dial out via your extension or an incoming call can be routed to your extension based on the structure of the dial plan associated to your DIDs. You can also dial extensions directly via their extension number, to reach that specific user or transfer calls to them. Each extension has its own settings and voicemail box. This makes the system much more robust than old business phone lines, of which, you are restricted to lines and each phone does not have an independent identity. IP Phones are the piece of the puzzle that you see and use. In order to maintain a reliable communication path, the phones we recommend are extremely reliable and easy to use.

How can I get setup with BizTelNow Business Phone Service?

Ready to start saving money on Business Phone Service and enjoy the Powerful Features and Portability that BizTelNow Business VoIP Phone Service offers? Here's how to get setup.

Step 1: Analyze Needs

The first step towards getting setup with our Business Phone Service is to make an initial contact with us so we can analyze your company's Business Phone needs. Call us at (817)736-0200 or visit our Business Phone Quote Request and fill out the form.

Once we hear from you, we will put you in touch with a technical specialist who will determine what your business' needs are and design a solution to fulfill those needs. We will visit your office, if necessary, to plan for the install. Most offices have structured wiring that provides an Internet connection to all of the workstations in the office. If your office does not have adequate wiring in place, we will plan to wire your office, as part of the installation process.

Step 2: Order Phones

The second step will be to start the number porting process and order IP Phones or any other equipment that you may need. You can view our recommended equipment, which we offer at wholesale prices to our subscribers, on our Products page. We will help advise you on what IP Phones will suit your needs and order the equipment, in preparation for the install date. Phone orders take 1-2 business days to arrive. If you already own IP Phones, you will not need to order new equipment as our service is compatible with practically any type of IP Phone.

In cases where businesses are transferring from an existing phone service provider, and want to keep their numbers, we will have to start the number transfer process which is called Porting.

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Porting typically takes 2 weeks to complete. We will need a copy of your current bill, to prove that you own the numbers, to get the process started. Since VoIP does not require rollover lines and can have unlimited incoming and outgoing calls simultaneously, you will only need to transfer the numbers that are advertised. These are any numbers that are used in advertising, on your business card or any number that customers call to reach your business.

Step 3: Install

Step 3 is to install service at your office. Even if you have numbers to transfer, we can go ahead and install service as soon as we have received your IP Phones. Since we have assessed your needs and visited your office prior, we already know what will need to be done to install the service. Regardless of your situation, this is where we come to install the phones and any prerequisites that may be needed. We will also configure your dial plan and order new DIDs (phone numbers), if needed.

We can provide you with as many phone numbers as you need, from any area code (including Toll Free). Once we have decided on phone numbers, the next step is to setup your dial plan.

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Each phone number can have its own dial plan. In order to configure your dial plan to your liking, we ask you this simple question: What do you want to happen when someone calls your company phone number? A lot of times people like to have an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) which are the automated menus you hear when you call large companies' 800 numbers. Other times, we may just ring all of the extensions, put the users in a Queue or setup any other type of configuration you desire. With our service, the sky is the limit.

If you require Fax service, we can set you up with eFax, which is a number that people can send faxes to and all faxes will be delivered to your email, in PDF format. For outgoing Fax, we can setup a SIP ATA adapter on any standard Fax machine, allowing unlimited outgoing faxes.

Step 4: Paperwork

The final step is to cross the T's and dot the I's. We have made this part easy, with our electronic Forms Filler PDF documents which eliminate the need for faxing or scanning. You simply open up the PDF contract and billing documents we send you, type to fill in the fields, save the documents and email them back to us. Although we provide you with a contract, it is more for your information than anything else as this is a month-to-month service with no contract. The contract contains all types of information about the service, describing how it works and what to expect.

Billing is done on the first of the month, every month, via electronic check or credit card. We will setup your payments at this time and provide you with a bill that details your service charges.

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Remember, these charges remain constant and don't change from month to month so there are no surprises; just one low, flat rate for unlimited calling. As part of the paperwork process, we send you something called the Cheat Sheet. The Cheat Sheet is a document that details how to complete basic tasks with your new phone system. Things such as checking voicemail, from a phone and while away, making & transferring calls, setting up a voicemail greeting, etc. You can distribute this document, with step-by-step directions, to your staff so that they can get up to speed on the new phone service.

From this point forward, you are all setup. If you are transferring phone numbers to us, that will complete smoothly with no interruption in service. The hard part is over and now its time to enjoy Powerful Phone with Powerful Savings!